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Forensic Accounting, dispute resolution, investigation and loss quantification. Forensis Accounting offers a full range of forensic accounting services developed through more than 15 years of experience. Our sole aim is to provide you with timely and relevant advice in a personalised way. Unlike most accounting firms, we work exclusively in forensic accounting and consulting. This tight focus enhances our professional knowledge and skills and greatly reduces the risk of conflict of interest.



Because we are so specialised, Forensis Accounting rarely has the conflicts of interest that limit the larger accounting firms.


The profession of forensic accounting involves the provision of accounting advice in litigation matters and other disputes.

We are committed to delivering the high standard of services you expect by focussing on three areas:


Our aim is to provide the most cost effective service which assists in resolving the dispute, whether or not it is being litigated, in the most efficient manner.

Expert determination is a specialist skill where we use our accounting expertise to make binding determinations on accounting and financial issues which could otherwise take weeks or months of legal professionals' and court time to resolve. This service can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the disputing parties.

Other aspects of our dispute resolution services include participation in formal mediations or arbitrations to assist with the understanding of accounting and financial information and damages aspects of matters.

Joint expert conferences are another way we can assist in resolving litigation matters.


Most commercial litigation involves some form of financial evidence. Matters can be wide and varied, ranging from fraud to breach of contract on the acquisition of a business. We apply our extensive accounting experience to assist in many ways, including the following:

  • analyse and interpret financial and accounting documents and data and specific accounting terms
  • trace flows of funds
  • present accounting data in an understandable manner
  • determine the commercial effect of transactions
  • reconstruct accounting records
  • analyse large volumes of data and form conclusions on the analysis
  • determine the financial position of an entity
  • ascertain the cost of an item by reference to underlying financial evidence
  • provide opinion on the application of Australian Accounting Standards
  • research on accounting issues
  • assess the ability of an entity to pay (security for costs)


We are experienced in the preparation of reports which particularise economic loss claims, or critique the opponent's quantification. We can quantify losses or assess claims for loss in many types of matters, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business interruption insurance claims
  • Directors duties
  • Intellectual property including copyright matters
  • Personal injury or wrongful death, including dust diseases matters
  • Product liability and warranty
  • Professional negligence
  • Trade Practices Act matters
  • Wrongful dismissal and other employment related matters

Many of our engagements are undertaken during the course of litigation proceedings, but we can also help prior to proceedings being commenced.

We are experienced in preparing easy to understand reports and providing independent and objective expert witness testimony, and we are familiar with the rules required of such experts in jurisdictions around Australia.
If your requirements involve the financial side of case management, interpretation of financial data, internal assessment of losses and briefing other financial experts, we can help you in a consulting forensic accounting role.